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"jyun Kamemitsu"

Kamemitsu-Honsha was established 1979 by Fujie Takamaro.

「Jyun Kamemitsu」was co-developed by Fujie Takamaro and and an DAg Hayano Hiroyuki. By utilizing Suppon's self-digestive-juice, transfering nutritions into asacia honey was an breakthrough and it had received an Invention Award by Japan institute of Invention and Innovation. Nowadays,it is almost a commonsense that enzyme is a healty food.Back then,the main stream of revitalizer and healthy food were bracket fungus,Korean ginseng,pit viper and Suppon. But those products needed to be heated,dried and ground,subsequently losing half of its nutritious value.

No additive,Rich in nutrition

What Hayano, who was studying sardine's self digest function had came up with was using Suppon's self-digestive-juice.After tral and error, Fuji and Hayano came up with an idea which is to use honey. Honey has a strong bactericidal power and has no expiry date. By adding Suppon's self-digestive-juice to honey, honey's decomposition can be stopped.Without the need to heat, its nutritious vaule stays as it is. So you can take the nutritious value of Suppon and honey for a very long time without adding preservative. This is how "Jyun kamemitsu" was born. In 1982 we patened it as "Suppon Honey product". Now "Jyun kamemitsu" is known nationwide but how we produce the products has never been changed.


Here are the philisophy we inherited form the previous generation.

 ・We always try harder and hard reaching for higher place
 ・We respect and appreciate our ancestors.
 ・We care for each other.
 ・We hold frugality of great account.
 ・We treat other persons in an honest manner.

Here are the philisophy we inherited form the previous generation.


Utamaro Fujie 15th


Takamaro Fujie 16th


Chiyomi Fujie 17th


patented product

Conventionanly, Suppon chinese-soft-shell-turtle considered to be a low-calorie and high-nutritious food as tonic and beauty food. "Kamemitsu" utilizes Suppon's Enzyme by letting it self digest. We succeeded in transferming Suppon's active ingredients into honey bee. Beause it was treated at low temperature, all the nutrients like Proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, hormones, vitamins are alive.

Kamemitsu Kamemitsu

By using pure acacia honey bee, our products absorbs all the suppon's nutrients.It is rich in Colagen. You can have it as it is, mix in juice ,cooking ingredient or even face pack.

kamemitsu Gold Kamemitsu Gold

"Kamemitsu gold" We added extra Suppon's blood and extracts into "Kamemitsu". If you have been consuming "Kamemitsu" quite some time, try this!

raw materials

Farmed by Idera Ltd,. in Kumamoto. The Suppon is from Japan. No agricultural chemical、no antibiotic.

The honey is from Acacia Honey from Bulgaria. Imported by a quality-management-secured farm by Fujii Bee Farm from Asakura,Fukuoka.


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